18 04 Unable to use or open Notepad++ after installation

However, what if you can’t find it in the search or the search bar is not working? Well, there are multiple ways to open Notepad on Windows 10. To add the “Open with Notepad” option to the context menu, you just need to make a couple of quick edits in the Windows Registry. It’s only […]

How to Validate Your JSON Using JSON Schema by Sivan Biham

I don’t know if something like that is happening in your case but word wrap isn’t supposed to give true lines. It’s supposed to break up real lines for display on the screen into line lengths that will fit on the screen. The actual document isn’t changed but the way it id displayed is. Code […]

How to Make Notepad++ Compare Two Files With a Plugin Artictle

Go to the Installed tab and select the plugins to be removed. You can just as easily uninstall Notepad++ plugins. We can also manually install the plugin Notepad++ apart from the plugins present in the Plugins Admin. Scroll through the list of plugins and select the desired plugin and click the Install button. Same here, […]

Notepad++: The best free text editor for Windows

A more sensible improvement to Notepad would be the ability to remove it altogether so typing “note” in the start menu would instantly result in Notepad++ being selected … Oh wait, it does, because Notepad is called “Editor” in Windows. For that you’ll need to finally let go of your old Windows 7 system and […]

Effortlessly Take Notes on Your Mac with Notepad: A Free Download Guide

Notepad is a basic, yet invaluable tool that is often used for taking notes, jotting down ideas, and keeping track of important information. If you are a Mac user and looking for an easy and free way to take notes on your computer, then Notepad might be just what you need. With its simple interface […]