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It can be defined simply as a full-cycle company. Its strength lies in its ability to develop the product in accordance with a full cycle from design development to finishing the moulded product.

Eleven 3D CAD workstations develop the plan, according to a design which is often created in-house or which is developed from a simple sketch provided by the customer.

The plan is followed by quick prototyping using the most up-to-date technologies. This allows a product to be presented in real time with the same aesthetic characteristics as the end product.

Another strength is the internal machine tool department which is equipped with sophisticated digitally-controlled machines allowing great flexibility in making the moulds and shortening supply times.

The moulding department in turn makes use of the most up-to-date technologies. The machinery makes it possible to meet all technical requirements and to provide very quick responses on the production level.

Another cause for pride for Tacchificio Monti is the capacity developed over the years to finish the outside of the heels. Major studies and investments have been made into this and today the company has access to know-how which puts no limits on the solutions it can adopt. Varnishing, chromium-plating, hand-painting and coating with special materials are all used to make heels which combine technical function with aesthetics, complying with our customers' most detailed requirements.

tacchificio monti

Via A. Nerozzi, 44
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