Pattern making

The department in which the Customer’s ideas concretely take shape. The strength of our Tacchificio is to have three different offices for this department, which are strategically placed to facilitate the contact with our Customers and collaborators: Marzabotto (BO), Fossò (VE), San Mauro Pascoli (FC).
In our Pattern Making Department, the use of state-of-the-art equipment goes together with the artisanal know-how of the hand modeling technique.At our headquarters in Marzabotto there are two pattern making laboratories and one is dedicated to the processing of plexiglass and epoxy resinTwo Pattern Making Departments located in Veneto (Fossò) and in Emilia Romagna (San Mauro Pascoli) that offer their service in two of the most important footwear districts in ItalyThree 5-axis milling machines dedicated to sample productionPossibility of remote connection with our Pattern Making Department, to jointly create by using our Communication and Collaboration technologies

In this department, starting with a simple sketch or a model create under the supervision of the Customer, we make the prototype of the heel that will have the same aesthetic characteristics of the final product.

In close collaboration with the Pattern Making Department – for scanning, revision or derivation of new models in real time to allow the Customer the maximum speed and a wide variety of models to present to the Design Department – our Technical Department also realizes a full project sharing between the main headquarters and satellite offices, in the two branch offices (Fossò and San Mauro Pascoli).

This department is characterized by:

  • 11 Rhinoceros CAD stations 
  • 1 OnShape 3D CAD license
  • 3 reverse engineering stations with structured light 3D scanners
  • use of Blender and Meshmixer software for sculpting and mesh modeling
  • Photorealistic rendering

next introduction of remote interaction for viewing on your terminal or PC of models under development at Tacchificio
close collaboration with external suppliers for evaluation, study, construction and testing of inserts of all shapes and materials for aesthetic and/or structural purposes.