CAM office


Best software on the market for CAM (Tebis) for the calculation of the tool path: 4 stations with 5 continuous axes, equipped with complete kinematic simulation modules for identifying any collisions and limit switches during NC machining

Collaboration with Molding Tool Engineering – tool manufacturer – to optimize the production, reducing the processing times and promoting the improvement of the quality

6 five-axis CNC machines with pallet changer up to 24 stations with the possibility of working 24 hours a day (Roders, DMG, PEAR, MIKRON)

2 four-axis and two three-axis CNC machines

2 wire EDM machines with pallet changer, for cutting high-precision metal parts and one for die-sinking EDM

CNC lathe for mold turning and mobile Fantina lathe to produce small metal inserts

Most of the machines are equipped with 3D probing tools for dimensional and quality control of the post-processing part.

Automated procedure for preparing the draft to be machine mounted

Heels, heel layers, accessories and soles moulding

Our departments dedicated to the moulding include a large machine park, preventive maintenance programs and administration of department by continuously trained and updated personnel. 

In this case, we can make use of:

44 presses (from 40 to 210 tons) which are constantly updated and maintained

Moretto and Wittman centralized systems for dehumidification and automated distribution of the material

Centralized cooling system for the water produced by the trigeneration plant.

Use of certified, second life and bio-durable materials

….we recycle waste plastic materials, for a more “green” approach…