Your sign-up form also serves as a gateway to filter out unwanted affiliates. This initial information gives you the ability to approve or disapprove your affiliate to the program. Choose platforms where your ideal affiliate would hang out and link your ads to your social accounts.

We recommend creating automatic notifications every time a partner makes a referral for which he is entitled to a commission. You can also generate activity reports that summarize partners’ efforts over time. When you upload information to your platform, it appears on your partners’ Assets Wall, and they may share it on their social media pages or add it directly to the website. Also consider additional materials that will enhance your affiliate’s promotions such as providing a branding kit.

Tell them what cookie length you’re looking at, referring to the amount of time between the last click and the conversation. The affiliate will then be credited for the amount of time until the conversation. We have come across some system-related issues involving both ServiceNow and DocuSign that could impact the timeline. The release of the forms is heavily tied to ServiceNow, so if the release of ServiceNow Service Hub is postponed, the form will be as well.

A discount is a way for the affiliate to offer extra value to their audience. The code may convince doubtful buyers to take the offer and buy the product. Recurring commissions make it more attractive for affiliates to spend time and sometimes money on marketing campaigns to drive traffic and sales to your company. You can take the purchase amount of the referral and give a percentage of this as commission to the affiliates.

Popular Features

When creating a guide, be cautious not to overload your new affiliates with far too much expertise and technical terms, as your new affiliate partners may not grasp industry-specific words. These contents above may be used on your affiliate registration website and in affiliate communications such as a welcome email or getting started guide. Regardless of where you publish it, these facts must be sent to affiliates as soon as possible.

affiliate onboarding success methods

Finding good affiliates isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but there are some indicators that an affiliate will be a net positive for your program. Pitching is an art form, and again, it’s something you perfect over time, but it’s important not to rush into things. You’ve got to show them you respect their time by making the entire process easy. The answer is by giving affiliates a greater return (and no, this doesn’t have to mean increasing your commissions). Affiliate onboarding is great because it opens a conversation and you can use this to get important insights into how you can improve your program.

Tips to Success Affiliate Onboarding

Once your affiliate completes onboarding, start soliciting feedback on how they’re managing so far. It’s also a chance for you to get ideas on improving the program experience for affiliates. Send out a survey to program participants after they generate their first conversion or earn a commission. They may need help understanding the basics or require additional training on different tools. Try and provide them with the best affiliate marketing software available to make it easier for them to set up promotions. Come up with an outline or checklist of all of the things you want affiliates to learn or accomplish during the onboarding process.

affiliate onboarding success methods

Consider sending a check in email or scheduling a time to call to talk face-to-face. Sample Call to Action Heading Add a strong one liner supporting the heading above and giving users a reason to click on the button below. Below are some other efforts you can make to help your affiliates find success.

Why is user onboarding so important?

A personal email, however, will be more engaging and will give you a higher response rate. Good communication with your affiliates is crucial for the success of your program. It is also possible to segment your affiliates by the type of activities they do. For example, if you have an affiliate program in the health niche, you might want to split between marketers and health professionals.

In fact, it’s responsible for 16 percent of all e-commerce sales in the United States and Canada. If you’re working with affiliates and not seeing the results you expect, it may be time to refine your onboarding process. However, unless you provide 24/7 support, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll always be there to help them. This is where self-service support options can expand your team’s bandwidth and provide solutions when reps aren’t available.

These types of communication channels provide a more convenient and casual space for affiliates to come together, fostering a digital community. Effective affiliate onboarding can help empower new affiliates and retain high-quality affiliates so your brand gets the most out of affiliate-driven promotions. Besides aligning all the necessary teams, you’ll also need the right tools to automate your onboarding process. As shown in the image below, the automating onboarding process can be distilled into six steps. You can recruit many affiliates, but the ones that bring value to your company are the ones that matter.

It helps you improve the customer experience.

If you want to provide users with timely advice, then it helps to know where they are in the customer journey. By monitoring their progress you’ll know when to provide resources that are relevant to the user’s problems. And, you can also utilize these opportunities to upsell and cross-sell product updates or add-ons. Below are 10 things to consider when setting up your user onboarding plan — keep reading to learn how to set your customers up for success before they even buy your product. Lessonly offers powerful, easy-to-use web-based training that allows you to create multiple lessons for particularly complicated product onboarding.

affiliate onboarding success methods

We highly recommend you keep these settings and run through this checklist before approving an affiliate. Affiliate marketing isn’t about how many affiliates you have; it’s about sales. You can sign up tons of affiliates, but if they’re not the right fit for your program, they’re not going to have the impact you need them to. There’s no point in signing up affiliates who don’t engage with your program. If your recruitment strategy ends when the affiliate signs up, then it’s doomed to fail.

Mobile User Onboarding

For example, you can host focus groups that survey participants on how they feel about your products. Or, you can run A/B tests that analyze individual aspects of the customer’s journey. Combining a few of these methods together will provide your team with a more complete assessment of your onboarding process.

For DocuSign, we need to transfer the test DocuSign Powerform to another host account , and we are still working on this and what this will look like. Change Management and Communications have shifted to match with these new timelines. Implement a process in which the affiliate’s department is able to gather any needed information and complete the forms on their own.

Provide ‘Getting Started’ Materials for Affiliates

A well-designed, transparent onboarding process goes a long way toward building a solid foundation for the program. Happy affiliates can provide word of mouth to other potential program members who might wish to apply. Better affiliate retention positively impacts your revenue and contributes to the growth of your program. By improving your onboarding process, you can set your affiliates up for success, increasing your own revenue in the process. This aspect is often overlooked, but it’s essential to an effective program.

Make it simple to communicate with your affiliates if you want to get the most out of your partnership. Build up communication channels so affiliates understand whom to reach and where to notify your company for any affiliate-related issues. Furthermore, affiliate onboarding is critical to the entire success of your affiliate program, particularly affiliate loyalty, which directly boosts affiliate revenue. The main goal of affiliate onboarding is to set up affiliates for success. This involves regularly checking in to make sure they have all they require. Helping counterparties complete their first trades successfully will build their confidence as they work independently.

You also want to have transparency on the traffic sources used by the affiliates. Besides these policies, you might want to remind partners of your company’s Terms of Service and other agreements. Brands and partners affiliate onboarding often compete for the same traffic, and you want to clarify what counts as valid traffic for conversions. If you choose private discount codes, there’s a risk the codes may leak on the internet and become public.

Make each step simple and easy to accomplish as this will keep users engaged and satisfied with their experience. If your app is complimentary to your desktop version, be sure to outline its unique features as well as explain how it differs from the original product. For many SaaS businesses, customers have the option to use both a desktop and mobile version of their products.

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