Pioneers of innovation

We have equipped our Tacchificio with large and modern heel, heel tip accessory and sole moulding departments which guarantee a high production capacity perfectly in line with the needs of our customers.

From the first and original heels in wood, which were made entirely by hand and produced in large quantities using the pantograph, with the spread of plastic and the evolution of technology we have landed in the world of moduling by actually starting the first, true production of heels.

Over the years we have always invested in machines and equipment for moulding and the production of moulds. In 2003 we decided to equip ourselves with an internal, modern and avant-garde mould workshop,to manage all stages of the process and guarantee high quality and confidentiality. to our customers

Today we can internally design, test and produce all the moulds thanks to our specialised workshop which has :

  • 44 presses (from 40 to 210 tonnes)
  • Moretto and Wittman centralized systems for dehumidification and automated distribution of the material
  • Centralized cooling system for the water produced by the trigeneration plant
  • Use of certified, second life and biodurable materials

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