Want to buy more crypto to add to your trading stack? Purchases through Nash Cash are delivered directly to our trading channels for use on the Nash Exchange – meaning you spend nothing on transaction fees before you begin trading! Nash Cash purchases have a 0% transfer fee and are delivered within one day. Gunbot users can now enjoy unparalleled non-custodial security in combination with high-performance trading and low fees. I did receive the standard licence and a settings pack rar file. In fact after 3 days I’m still going round in circles with Javier.

You can also use a set of confirming indicators for each strategy to specify the conditions you want to be met for any trade, so even the strategy presets are somewhat customizable. Gunbot has several pre-configured strategies that are ready to use after making minimal configurations like position size, so they can be user-friendly even to novice traders. 3commas- 3commas.io provides tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors. One of the main areas that Gunbot does great in, is user support.

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GUNBOT has managed to create a robust API that is both flexible and widely accepted in the market. Currently, the platform boasts access to over 130 exchanges. Many of these platforms are recognized as the top performers in the market. For example, GUNBOT seamlessly functions with Bitmex, tradeallcrypto, Huobi, tradeallcrypto, tradeallcrypto, Cex.io, tradeallcrypto, Coinbase Pro many more. There are also some unique perks you gain when you become a part of the GUNBOT community. The platform offers an aggressive referral program via its affiliate network. Affiliates receive rewards in the form of GUNTHY tokens for every new user they help sign up to TheCryptoBot.com. The license is yours and you will be able to apply it on the exchange platform you want. You will have full control and we will NEVER ask you for your master keys. Gunbot does not collect any information about your trades.
Trality is the platform for anyone to create and invest through automated trading bots. While professional traders successfully use automated trading, over 80% of private traders lose money due to emotional bias and lack of automation. That’s why we build the first marketplace for trading bots… This is an example of Gunbot trading with the Pingpong strategy. About this strategy This strategy can be used for pairs that move up and down between a predictable price range for longer periods. You set fixed prices at which Gunbot should buy and sell, Gunbot will buy or sell as soon as the exact target is hit or… This is an example of Gunbot trading with the EMASPREAD strategy. About this strategy This strategy is based on EMA , enabling Gunbot to buy when prices start moving up – indicated by the spread between fast and slow EMA decreasing. Selling takes places when prices start moving down again, indicated by the spread…

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Using the technical tools, you can easily set options such as the trading pair, the amount you want to trade, and the buy and sell strategies to employ. GunBot is a unique crypto trading bot because it isn’t sold directly by the company but instead through resellers. Although all resellers charge the same price in crypto , each one offers different customer support and service. GunBot, a cryptocurrency trading bot that can trade BTC and any other pairs, is simple. To decide whether to buy or sell, it uses the highs and lowers. Bollinger bands and other customizable technical tools are used by the tool. GunBot makes active traders, so you can get more Bitcoins than you have in your wallet. Trality is the platform that allows anyone to create and trade automated trading bots. Although professional traders are able to use automated trading successfully, private traders lose over 80% due to emotional biases and lack of automation.

Gunbot Crypto BotsYou do not need a cloud-based platform to run Gunbot. It can run on your local machine, whether that be Windows, macOS, Linux or Raspberry Pi. Gunbot should not collect any data about the trades that its users make as it is not a cloud service. Trades should therefore remain private between the user and crypto exchange. GUNBOT works similarly to most automated trading software. You will need to program the bot’s trading actions before you can be used.

What is Gunbot?

The standard package includes everything you need to get started. Specifically, you get a lifetime license, access to all strategies, free support 24/7, and access to a choice of exchanges. This option includes a host of helpful trading strategies, including TSSL, Stepgain, and many more. Notably, the standard bot option only provides support for one exchange. Gunbot provides an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. Provides both user-based trading strategies and built-in trading strategies.
The software runs on your own computer and collects no data about your usage. For security purposes, the API secrets used to connect to exchanges are only saved on your own machine. Use pre-tuned strategies that just work, or realize your own automation ideas. Get a life time license with free updates & awesome support. What’s more, Nash beats other decentralized exchanges when it comes to security. If you’re interested in running Gunbot but don’t have it yet, it is available through these official resellers. Although https://www.beaxy.com/exchange/eth-usd/ Gunbot is eligible to clients around the world, only eligible traders domiciled in authorized jurisdictions will be able to send trades to tradeallcrypto Futures. If that isn’t enough, on February 15th Gunbot is celebrating this integration with a $10,000 trading competition open to all Gunbot users trading on tradeallcrypto Futures. However, HaasBot’s customizable strategies will be a bit easier to create with its drag-and-drop visual designer, but if you know how to code, either platform will work just fine for you.

We won’t ask you for money each month to extend your access to it. That purchase includes unlimited 24/7 support and free updates… forever. Gunbot can even choose profitable coins for you and automatically trade them. Once a better coin to trade becomes available, it’ll remove the old one and replace it. These configs are made by pro-traders in the Gunbot community.

The only unique information we’ll store on the Gunthy servers are your public exchange API keys and your wallet address in order to verify your licence when you boot the bot up. Thanks to the fact that our devs and support team are located all over the world, you’re also entitled to 24/7 support in one of the many Telegram groups or Zendesk. There are no monthly subscriptions as far as licencing is concerned. We believe that once you buy something, you should own it instead of renting that technology. That’s why a one-time purchase allows you to own and run the bot for life.
With plugin support, we enable you to take your trading to the next level. That’s all you need to own and use our crypto bot for life. It’s not just our service where security is paramount either. We even look out for your privacy during payment, with the option of BTC or PayPal to complete your purchase. It only serves to make the trades that are, statistically, more likely to win.

Self hosted trading bot software – life time license, no subscription. Gunbot is a community developed crypto tool for trading automation, with an active and private Telegram community. It implements innovative trading automation so that anyone can easily create their own powerful crypto bots. This way, traders can automate their trading strategies with speed, extreme flexibility and the help of an ever-expanding user community. Gunbot is an easy to use, advanced crypto trading bot.
That said, these websites are all direct from the Gunbot trading platform, even though costs will vary for licenses. Lifetime licensing is how this bot charges its users as opposed to charging a monthly subscription free like other such bots. Usually, cryptocurrency bots distinguish themselves with unique features to stand out from the others. Cryptocurrency bots offer a variety of solutions that can help your trading as well as help you find strategies that work to your advantage. The world famous, highly rated and super powerful crypto bot that electrifies your trades. Trustpilot gives an average score of 4.1/5 to Gunbot based on 100+ reviews, which is another proof that there are people who are pleased with their service. Read more about jp morgan chase wire department here. Having said all this, let’s present to you Gunbot, the newest crypto trading specimen in our examination workshop. The truth that I recommend totally buy the bot from gunbot.shop, to take advantage of the personalized support they have. Gunbot has evolved massively since its first release. Nowadays the software is almost completely based on community input.
The page will request that you create a password and log in. Once you respond to the confirmation email, you are ready to start editing your trading setup via the Setup Tab. Choose the exchange that you desire to trade on. The dashboard makes it easy to load a preconfigured setup. GUNBOT users can look forward to a streamlined trading experience. The platform is geared towards experienced traders in that you will want to be at least semi-familiar with the market and the coins you wish to program your bot to trade. The bot’s main goal is to trade cryptocurrencies on your behalf, using the appropriate platform and taking into account all market factors. It will make an intelligent prediction or guess for you. This could include buying or selling cryptocurrency at a certain price point.

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