Their disease can continue for years until a severe, alcohol-related problem in their health or relationships arises. With the highest education and income levels of all alcoholic types, they are predominately middle-aged , male (60%), and married (about 50%).

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The subtype includes people who can hold down regular jobs or complete occupational tasks that are expected of them, and also have stable family relationships. A huge percentage of functional alcoholics work full-time, are well-educated, and have the highest income among any of the subtypes. They also have moderate rates of cigarette smoking and are the least likely to have legal problems among other types of alcoholics. Functional alcoholics typically start drinking at around 18, but do not develop alcohol dependence until they reach 37 years old.


This subtype has the highest rates of divorce, separation, and visits to the emergency room due to drinking. With one of the lowest education levels of any subtype and the lowest employment rate, this group drinks more frequently than any other, although their total alcohol intake is less than that of the young antisocial subtype. Sixty-six percent have sought help at some point, making them the group most likely to have done so. Yes, there is a difference in treatment for different types of alcoholics. According to the study from NIAAA, members of the young adult and functional subtypes are more likely to seek help through 12-step programs. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals.

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Nineteen types of alcoholics from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and 15 percent from a generalized anxiety disorder. The NIAAA reports over 1,500 college students die each year due to alcohol-related causes.

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