Our approach between innovation and experience

The design process finds continuity in the internal mould production, which also constitutes our guarantee of quality and confidentiality towards customers.

We have chosen state-of-the-art software and technology to guarantee maximum efficiency for our customers, but in our large and modern mould workshop we always work alongside the skills and experience ofour technicians in charge of manual mould assembly line who work in the adjustment department.

This is how are workshops are organized:

CAM office

  • Best CAM (Tebis) software on the market for calculating the tool path: 4 continuous 5-axis stations, equipped with complete kinematic simulation modules for identifying any collisions and limit switches during NC machining.
  • Collaboration with Moldino Tool Engineering – tool manufacturer – to optimize production, reducing machining times and promoting quality improvement.

Machine workshop

  • 6 5-axis CNC machines with pallet changer up to 24 workstations with the possibility of working 24h / 24 (Roders, DMG, PEAR, MIKRON)
  • 2 4 axis CNC machines and two 3 axis
  • 2 wire EDM machines with pallet changer, for cutting high precision metal parts and one for die sinking EDM
  • CNC lathe for mould turning and lathe Mobile head to produce small metal inserts
  • Most machines are equipped with 3D probing tools for dimensional and quality control of the post-machining part
  • Automated procedure for preparing the draft for machine mountingPIONEERS OF INNOVATION (Moulding)

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