Full Cycle Production

Our company is a complete cycle. From the initial design to the finishes on the moulded product. High tech, continuous innovation and high quality craftmanship allow us to carry out internally each phase of the development and production process of the item. High technology, continuous innovation and quality of craftsmanship allow us to carry out every phase of the product development and production process internally.

Italian innovation and craftsmanship

For over sixty years we have created heels, soles and fashion accessories for the most prestigious maisons on an international scale. We are craftsmen and innovators: we have joined the quality of manual art with technological progress to give extra value to our customer’s needs.

Eco-friendly vocation

Our company pays close attention to the sustainability and the circular economy of our processes, we respect nature and love our surroundings. Every day we put in a conscious effort to reduce waste and environmental impact of our production plant.

An example is the choice of ecological and regenerative material. By using a trigenerational plant we have improved our energy efficiency.

Our services

We have equipped our heel factory with large and modern production departments which, together with the constant support of our experienced staff, guarantee a high production capacity perfectly in line with the needs of our customers.


Online Model Making


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The soul of a craftsman with industrial capacity

Over time we have consolidated our growth in the production of heels, soles and luxury fashion accessories By transferringtall activities to the new industrial plant in Marzabotto:, 10,000 square metersimmersed in the nature of the hills around Bologna.

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